Monday, 23 March 2020

The Equinox Strikes Again

So there we are at the Equinox.
     A time of balance and harmony.
     Rubbish! The Equinox is the climax of the battle between the retreating night and the strengthening day. And that conflict often seems to show itself in the physical world.
     March and September are times of wind and storm. And this year we have really had March coming in like a Lion with roaring winds and raging floods.
     Our ivy arch which led into the back garden and has stood for many years, was blown over by the winds, making a huge hole - and a HUGE pile of debris.
     Then after the fitting of the central heating, which went ahead relatively painlessly, we had a visit from an electrician to fit smoke alarms and a new bathroom light. Apparently we are no longer allowed to have a light bulb dangling on a flex in the bathroom and have had a light fitted flush to the ceiling instead. It looks pretty but gives a harsh, bright, white light which takes no prisoners - looking in the bathroom mirror now is a time of revelation and horror!
     Anyway, while fitting said spawn-of-the-devil light, of course the electricity had to be turned off.
     Now, my computer which attaches to the internet: for some time we have known that it doesn't like being turned off and was getting more dodgy to turn on again. The simple solution to this was to leave it on at all times.
     Of course when the electricity goes off, so does my pc. And when the electricity comes back on again ... I have one dead computer.
     Oh well, at least it wasn't my work computer, where I prepare all the Raven Catalogues and Newsletters. That one is working fine.
     But then, when I come to print out the next Mail Shot (which should have gone in the post today!) the photocopier decides to start spreading the love, in the form of a grey/black line across the pages.
     So the photocopier repair man was contacted and arrived at tea time on Friday afternoon. He quickly found the fault and needed a part to fix it. The part was ordered and in the meantime he tried a temporary fix to keep it going.
     So .... I was all set for a weekend of printing, folding and stuffing.
     At five minutes past nine on Saturday morning, I think I had printed ten copies of the Newsletter and the temporary fix on the photocopier gave up and the line returned, bigger and blacker than before.
    So I am stuck now until the engineer manages to get the part and get out to us again.
     And I don't think I mentioned the Corona Virus!

    Good one, Equinox!

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