Tuesday, 22 May 2018

The Gypsy Gemstone Sellers

Anyone who has seen our full catalogue knows that we sell a HUGE variety of items.
     Including a wide selection of Gem Stones and Crystals. Our main source of supply used to be a fab gemstone fair which was held once a year in York, at the racecourse, but unfortunately that stopped a few years back now.
     Happily one of the companies that we used to buy from at the Gem Fair also did mail order, and then branched out into travelling around with a van full of goodies.
     Now, you can book them to call in and see you - but as the minimum spend was outside our price range, that was not an option for us. However, if they are passing us on the way to a booked call, they give us a ring and ask if we would be interested in them stopping by. The answer to this is usually, 'Yes, please!'
     This means that they get an extra call in, and extra sales, and we don't have to worry about spending too much.
     Although the down side of this is that we never have much notice of when they might be coming.
     Sometimes we might see them quite regularly, at other times several months might pass between visits.
     As our last Mail Shot was an update of our Gemstones list, and it was January when they last called, we were hoping that the Gypsy Gemstone Van would turn up before we finalised the list.
     But as sod's law would have it, it was the week after we sent out the flyer that we got the phone call.
     So we now have a beautiful box full of Gemstones Treasures, and will have to write another Mail Shot.
     And one of our great beautiful buys, was a pair of really HUGE Selenite spheres (over 100mm diam). Which as you can see from the photo, are beautiful.