Friday, 22 May 2015

Life Happens

Well folks apologies for the long gap in my Blog posts, but there are times when life just happens and there is no way you can get to do extra stuff.

For a start I have been without my own computer for the best part of a month. One of the fans gave up on my lap top, which is the computer I use to get online, and a replacement had to be sent for from Hong Kong.

We are also preparing maddly for the wedding of our son Mike and his partner Cherise, which happens at the beginning of June. I have been making my own wedding outfit, a tiered skirt and beaded blouse, which has taken some time as I was not using a pattern, but putting it together and seeing if it worked. Actually it looks like it will be quite nice, so I am rather chuffed with the outcome.

We have also been doing a full stock check of every gem stone and crystal in stock, which resulted in an updated Earth Treasures catalogue and a From the Vault special section of one offs and rare stuff - and which has in turn brought in a HUGE response from our customers, which is keeping us very busy (thank you folks, it is much appreciated.)

I also have several books I am working on at the moment, and am trying to get at least two of them finished. One on Isobel Gowdie, the Witch of Aulderne in Scotland, and another based on my Blog entries about Folk Witchery and How To Do It. Both of these are turning out to be more substantial than I had expected, but I am really enjoying the writing.

Oh and on top of all that I managed to snap a tendon in my foot, which means I am hobbling about and not able to walk very far at the mo.
Was I doing something exciting like trecking through the Himalayas, or trying a record breaking attempt at the Marathon, I hear you ask?
No I was in the supermarket, took a step and something went CRACK.
At the moment Graham is having to do the supermarkets on his own with a shopping list and many instructions - and we still get moments of 'Oh I bought a few extras' - which very often seems to involve beer.

So apologies once more for the gap - but if it helps, I have been feeling guilty for neglecting you

Love and blessings

Thursday, 21 May 2015

Lilac Spell

This is a Lilac Spell for Wealth

On a Thursday with the moon waxing, go and pick three Lilac flower stems. As you do so say:
         'I pick this Lilac in Jupiter's name.'

Inside, put the three stems in water on your altar and position five coins around the vase.
Then say:
     'King of Wealth and Majesty, 
     I call thee now by name;
     Jupiter, Jovis, Saberzeus, 
     Come into my home
     Bring thy golden gift of wealth, 
     Bring money now to me
     The money come, the wealth shall stay
     As I wish so shall it be!'

Leave the vase and coins at least overnight.
The next day put one of the coins in your purse or wallet, or into the till or money box of your business.
Put three coins into a savings box.
The fifth coin must be used to buy an offering for Jupiter - a candle for example, but he also likes meat, beef in particular, so you could buy him a good beef burger