Monday, 19 May 2014

Curiouser and Curiouser

We are at the moment working on updating the Raven main catalogue, known by the title of Magical Curiosities.

We update all our catalogues at least once a year, but because there are 4 sections we do them in rotation. At one time we had everything in one HUGE catalogue, (and anyone who has received our jam packed catalogue, will know just how huge it is, it really is a struggle to get the thing in an A5 envelope) but updating all in one go became such such a mammoth task that it used to take months to prepare.

So now we break the task down into the four sections, Bookshop, Earth Treasures (gemstones and crystals), The Essence of Magic (all things perfumed, loose incenses, stick and cone incense, oils and candles) and the last part this year which is the main catalogue with all sorts of everything from altar cloths and spell kits to talismans and wall plaques.

As usual there are things to come out, things which we have sold out of and can't restock, or things which just need changing for one reason or another. And of course we have to make space to put in all the new fab goodies which we have found in the mean time.

I have already got the next Newsletter well underway - each time we send out a mail shot or Flyer as we call them, we try to include a Newsletter packed with all sorts of magical stuff, articles, poems, dates for your diary, contact ads and anything we think might be of interest to our readers and customers.

We are waiting deliveries of the new stock this week, and as soon as I get them in my hot little hand I can start the serious business of measuring, describing and even giving suggestions for possible magical uses. I always wait until I actually receive the items and have checked them over, both to see that we get what we were expecting, and that we get everything I was expecting. I have tried to get in front with the catalogue in years past by getting it all together, then finding out something I'd given a prominent place to, had actually been discontinued by our suppliers and we never actually receive them.

There are a couple of items this year where I am keeping my fingers crossed that we actually do receive them.

And of course now we have finalised our orders, sent them off and eagerly wait their delivery - I have now found another supplier who stocks some really yummy stuff

So I am already planning the next flyer after this one.

The main catalogue, hopefully will take a couple of weeks to put together, so all being well by the end of the month, you will have something tempting and magical popping through your letterbox.

If you are on our Mailing List of course.

Saturday, 3 May 2014

Peshwari Scone Bread

This is another very easy recipe - I only do easy baking and cooking, and I prefer stuff that is quick to prepare and will taste good no matter what.

28g Raisins
2 tablespoons of Coconut

Put these in a measuring jug and top up to 100ml with hot water
Leave to soak for an hour.

After an hour mix together
250g self raising Flour
50 g Sugar
1/2 teasp Salt
100 g flaked Almonds

Add in the soaked raisins and coconut - they should have expanded and taken up most if not all of the water.
Add 100ml of Milk and mix all together

Put on a baking tray and cook at 175 degrees for 40 mins

It makes a sort of HUGE scone bread which you can eat as it is or buttered.

I called it 'Peshwari' because the combination of almonds and coconut with raisins in a sweet flat bread is the basis of my favourite Peshwari Naan.