Thursday, 22 January 2015

Prayer to Bau

The following is adapted from a translation of an ancient Babylonian prayer to Bau.
Light a candle for the goddess and give her an offering of flowers and/or herbs such as sage, rosemary, lavender, mint and lemon balm.
Then say:

O Bau, Mighty Mistress, Merciful Mother, who dwells in the brilliant heavens,
I ask thee, Lady, stay and listen to me.
I have searched for thee, and seized the hem of thy robe.
You pronounce judgements and determine destinies,
You raise to life, give health and grant prosperity.
Since thou art the protector who benefits and saves her worshippers,
O Bau, I have turned to thee.
Accept my offerings and prayers and grant me ....

(Now insert here what you desire from the Goddess, then continue..)

Thy protection is endless, Thy compassion boundless,
You favour me with life and health.
May I gladden your heart,
May I bow humbly before thee.

Leave the candle to burn down, as long as you can do this safely.

You can make a brew of some of the same herbs you have offered to the goddess. Pour boiling water on the herbs, cover the pot and let it stand for 5-10 mins, or even until it cools completely. Then strain out the herbs and keep the infused water. You can sprinkle this around a sick person, or simply around your home to encourage the Goddess to bless your home and family.

Remember to say as you sprinkle something like: - 
I do this in honour of Bau, She who restores life