Thursday, 24 January 2019

To Chew, or Not To Chew, That is the Question

When you are a small, inquisitive dog and perpetually hungry, sometimes it is difficult to know what you are allowed to chew, and what you should not.
     Until, of course, you have chewed the 'not' article or eaten the not-to-be-eaten stuff.
     So, washing-up sponges are not to be chewed. But if the humans have left one where a small inquisitive dog happens to be able to reach it, well that must be one you are allowed to chew and tear up into small pieces and scatter all around the kitchen.
     Except you know you shouldn't really.
     So when the human steams into the kitchen and views the scene of devastation, you really do feel sorry with your big brown eyes and your ears down and hopefully wagging tail.
     There are lots of things which are wonderfully crunchy, like the kindling sticks and logs drying out in the hearth. And those small cinders or pieces of coal mhm mmm so lovely and crispy.
     There is now a little pile of special 'Tallulah's sticks' which are cut from thin branches just so a small dog can happily chew them and (hopefully) leave the others alone.
     Now, about the chewy dog strips.
     After the humans have had their breakfast, we all go into the kitchen and while mummy sits on a chair, Bridie and Tallulah practise 'sitting' and each have piece broken off the dog strips until both have had a meaty strip each.
     And up to now, the opened packet of yummy, chewy dog treats has been put away out of reach of a small dog's nose.
     But small dogs grow. And this morning small dog had a look at where the packet was kept and woohoo! Tallulah could reach the packet!
     She was very quiet in pulling the packet off the top and onto the floor. And it took a little while to get the packet open enough to get a nose inside ....
     But they smelt soooo yummy. And, boy! they tasted yummy too!
     Until the bathroom door opened, and daddy said 'What are you doing?!' in a not-very-pleased tone of voice.
     So small dog hastily chased upstairs to find mummy playing on the computer. And there was something about the big brown eyes, and the sad ears and the love-me, love-me wagging tail, that made mummy say, 'Oh no! What have you done now?' and then, 'We know you are very sorry for eating the dog chews, but you weren't very sorry while you were actually eating them, were you?'
     Then daddy took Tallulah and Bridie out for a walk, and we met up with Molly and Baillie and chased about and rolled in the snow.
     The end.