Saturday, 13 December 2014

Last Minute Spell Kit Making

Well the days seem to be rushing towards christmas now.

     Perhaps it seems even worse as being a Mail Order company we are aware of how few posting days there are left when we can be sure our customers are going to get their goodies in time before the holidays.

     We have been working all day today (and probably will be tomorrow too) making sure any orders we have received up to today are picked and wrapped ready for posting on Monday.
     This included today a special one off Spell Kit, with unique spell instructions which had to be devised, items collected, a special talisman designed and hand pyrographed. Then, oh joy, remember I told you that my new pc is refusing to speak to the copier/printer (Technology- don't you love it) ?
So we sent off for a new printer cable, which will (we hope) solve the problem. That was around a fortnight ago, and despite Mike (who ordered it off the internet for us) getting an email saying it had been despatched the day after he ordered it, it still hasn't arrived.
        So in addition to creating the spell kit, making the talisman (and a magical oil) to go in it, I have then had to write out the spell instructions by hand - and my hand writing is terrible at the best of times.

     Well, there is only a week or so left to go before Last Posting Date, and that is when we shall knock off for our mid-winter break. This is the only time we take off during the year, so we shall have a lovely holiday until the 5th of January.

     (Although I must admit I have got myself a list of things which I could do during the holidays.)

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