Tuesday, 16 August 2022

A Week in the Life of a Betty

 A week is a long time in the life of a little dog.

    Last week, Betty was introduced to a small part of the Great Outdoors, which proved to be a huge success. The main success, as far as we were concerned was that she quickly picked up that outside is a lovely place to do your toilet stuff, not always, we must admit, and especially not at night (she hasn't yet managed the dog flap), but by far most of the time.

    Now we must also admit that not all of the chicken wire fencing was as taut as it could have been. Particularly the bit into the left hand side of the garden. So it soon became obvious that some of us had learnt to pull the fence down and scramble over it. Still no harm done, Betty and Tallulah were having a great time playing together, and that seems a secure part of the garden.

    Of course we have had to try and keep the fencing at a level which Betty couldn't get over (....) but Tallulah could. That didn't work out very well. Because when Tallulah goes Boing! over the chicken wire fence, she is followed by a small dog who can also go Boing! over the chicken wire fence. 

    We found this out when Graham was collecting dog droppings and found some Betty sized ones near Holda's Hut.

    Then when he went to put some rubbish in the bin in the side garden, he realised that something was chewing his sock - hello Betty. So she could leap all the bits of fencing designed to keep her contained.

    So that was a waste of time.

    Of course the thing is, Betty is growing at a fantastic rate. You can almost see her doing it!

    Each day she seems to be able to scrabble higher up.

    At lunch time (midday meal, dinner time as I know it), Graham brings stuff through from the kitchen into the living room where our table is, loaded on a tray.

    Yesterday he put the tray down on the kitchen chair, while he turned the kettle off. By the time he turned back, a small dog had her head in the cheese and was giving it a good and very enthusiastic nagging. 

    This time last week she couldn't have reached!

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