Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Love Spells are Tricky

Because of my work I am often asked for advice on spells for various purposes. Sometimes it is money matters, finding a job, getting back money that was loaned out, healing spells, spells to get justice or stop bullying of one kind or another

But the spells I find the most tricky to deal with are love spells as you very rarely find out all the circumstances which might be relevant.

There are two kinds of love spells: the first is where you are seeking to draw a suitable lover into your life - and with these do remember to put in there somewhere 'an it harm none'. The second type of love spell (and this is probably the more common one) is where you have seen someone you fancy and the spells are designed to draw that person and that person only into your life and become your lover/spouse.

Do not kid yourself that this is 'white' magic, it most definitely is not. These spells seek to subvert the will, choice and inclinations of another person.

Sometimes I am amazed by how much people will kid themselves in order to justify what they are doing. And the times I have heard 'It is only a love spell!'

One woman explained that she needed a spell to draw her 'soul mate' to her. After some questioning it turned out she had her eye on a chap she passed regularly in the street on her way to work and they had literally only said 'Hello.' in passing.
She knew that he was married with a small child (she had made it her business to follow him and find out about his circumstances) but was adamant that once she had got him, he would realise that they were soul mates and meant to be together.
Never mind that she would break up his existing, happy, relationship and deprive his child of its father.

Another chap cam to us to draw his wife back into their relationship, she had gone off with another man, but he knew this was just a silly mistake and he loved her and wanted her back.
After more questioning I found out that this was not the first time she had 'run off', that she was a teenager (he was in his 50's) and had gone to the same chap that she had left him for before, and the way the husband had got her back last time sounded very much like forcible abduction.
 The young couple had fled the district and none of her relations would give the husband their new address.
I refused to help as I knew where my sympathies lay.

Then there are those who are not sure what they want. They want a certain man or woman, but only on their own terms. For example they might want their partner back but only if he gives up gambling/taking drugs/ seeing other women.
Fair enough. But DON'T do a love spell to bind the chap to you if you are then going to be pushing him away because he is not behaving as you want him to do.

If you want someone enough that you are prepared to do a love spell to get them, then you take them lock, stock and barrel. Good and bad. If you aren't prepared to do that then you do not love them enough to justify working a spell on them.

And just in case you are tempted I will remind you of the rule of three :
           Everything you do of a magical nature returns to you three times over,
           the good that you do and the evil that you do.
If you do a spell to make someone love you you must live with the results. You could be condemned to three times the happiness you expected, but equally may well also find that you will get three times the heartbreak because of it

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