Saturday, 23 November 2013

Hurry Up and Wait

There are times when no matter how much you want to get on with stuff, you just can't. And today is one of those days for me.

We recently had a new photocopier installed - hooray! Which will do colour photocopies - even more hooray! But they are expensive (eleven times dearer than the black and white copies - boo) which means we can't afford to put colour piccies in the catalogue just yet.

The copies are lovely, nice and crisp. And having the colour facility has meant we have been able to launch some new products, laminated posters and calendars with colour decorations. And I have LOTS of ideas for all sorts of fab new bits and bobs.

Which is great as long as the photocopier is actually working.

Now one of the things with working for yourself is that you often end up working when other people are not. And weekends are a fab time for us to catch up with work, complicated orders, making stuff, developing ideas etc. So this morning the photocopier ran out of black toner - no warning just 'I need toner now! Feed me or I will just sit here and hum and ignore you!'

So do the photocopier service people work on a Saturday? No, don't be silly.

So now we can't complete orders because there are items which need photocopying and of course it will be Monday before I can order any toner and therefore Tuesday at the earliest before I get any. You may ask why I haven't got a spare toner bottle for just this kind of emergency. I asked the service people several times for spare toner, 'Oh don't worry,' they assured me 'We can get it out to you really quickly.'
On Monday I shall be ordering TWO bottles of toner so that we do have a spare.

So I can't photocopy, don't worry there are loads of things I can get on with. I need to create a one off spell kit for a customer. One of the components which would be ideal for this spell kit is a Nutmeg charm, great I can get on with preparing the charm. So I find the Nutmeg jar - it is empty. It will be Monday before I can get out to the supplier to buy some more nutmegs (the irony being, of course, we went past there on Friday when we were visiting another supplier for packaging materials).

Oh well, even if I compose the kit I still can't print out the instructions anyway - because the photocopier isn't working.

Right only one thing for it - I am going to play WoW.

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