Saturday, 2 July 2022

Introducing the Babies

 Tallulah's babies are three weeks old today, and are already developing their own personalities.

    First here we have Sun Dancer, known as Dancer. He has very distinctive facial markings and is a little explorer. He is also the puppy who actually sits and howls when he wants his mum, wants to go out of the cage, wants to go into the cage or is just generally bored. Dancer may well become an escape artist.

    Next we have Dawn Singer (Singer) he is the most placid of the pups (at the moment) and seems very good natured and easy going. He has got himself settled and gone to sleep on Graham a couple of times already.

Here we have Morning Glory (Glory) who is the biggest of the puppies and manages to have a feed whenever possible. She seems happy and friendly, but always first to the milk bar! She also seems happy to have a stroke and a cuddle (as long as mum is nowhere about).

Finally we have Black Betty (Betty) who is the only tri-colour of the bunch, the others are all sable (the boys will possibly be shaded sable - having a slightly darker colouring). Betty may well be the weirdo of the bunch also, and probably because we picked her as the one to keep.

    She has learnt to make a very odd, deep rumbly noise, not exactly a growl. The first time she did it, she was mooching about in the back of the cage on her own, and everyone stopped and looked at her in amazement.

As you can see Tallulah got in on this photo and you can see just how much the puppies have grown in only three weeks.

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