Tuesday, 20 April 2021


 'Non-essential' shops were allowed to re-open last week, with the easing of the UK lockdown, and I saw an interview with a shopkeeper asking how things were going, and what sort of stuff people were buying.

    'Oh they are buying all sorts!' the shopkeeper said happily, 'But mainly knickers, pants, bras, well all underwear.'

    Well, to be honest I am not really surprised at this. 

    The underwear I have has been through the washer so many times that the fabric is now wearing into holes. Some of the elastic has worn its way through the waist band, or is so 'relaxed' that you have to wear tights or leggings on top of them to keep them up! But I have been loath to throw any away as we had no idea when we might be able to replace them - not being ones to buy stuff online.

    And so it was, dear reader, that yesterday Graham and I ventured off our well trod essential shopping route and went in search of our local(ish) 'economy' department store. And lo we were like kids in a candy store, with so much STUFF we could buy. Shelves full of all sorts!

    So we bought paints for me and some sandals, and legs and long sleeved tee shirts for Graham (incidentally since when have tee shirts begun to be referred to as 'tees'? How idle is that? Well you won't get me doing it!). We looked at all sorts of stuff, and then found the knicker aisle, and loaded up with so many pairs of pants that I was lost beneath them in my wheels.

    There aren't many people I could say this to, but I feel we get on so well, that I can tell you that today I am wearing a pair of surprisingly stretchy and comfortable BRAND NEW KNICKERS!

    And I may even (although I may have to build up to it) throw some of the old ones away!


  1. I am SO looking forward to new underwear! Mind, I might have to be a bit careful of quantity in case I can manage to lose a load of lockdown weight ;)