Saturday, 30 November 2019

Novenas and the Pursuit of Wool

This is a busy time of year.
    I don't think I have to tell you that, dear reader, as we are all whirling like spinning tops in preparation for the biggest blow-out of the year, christmas.
     Here are Raven I have been designing and drawing our Yule card for this year, on top of dealing with orders and trying to prepare a little flyer to go out with it.
      In my 'down time' (what the hell is that? does anyone have 'down time'?!) I have been pursuing my love of crocheting by making a variety of gifts, which means I have made a few things I am really chuffed with, and I can't blog about because I will be giving away surprises for friends and relatives!
    Incidentally I may have mentioned that it is IMPOSSIBLE to have too much WOOL, and for any friends or relatives who might be reading this, a ball or two of  (preferably) brightly coloured wool would make a very acceptable and thoughtful gift for certain people interested in crocheting.
     I must admit that when my son asked me what his father would like for christmas, I may have said WOOL. Maybe some beer too, but definitely WOOL.

    Right let's change the subject. mmmmm soft, pretty, wool......


     I sometimes mention on my Facebook page that it would be a good time to start a spell novena, and I was asked the other day what a novena is.
    A novena is a set or series of spells, usually carried out daily over a number of days. It comes from a traditional form of petitioning prayer, where the same prayer is repeated over a number of days. The 'nov' bit in 'novena' is the Latin for 'nine', so originally the spell or prayer would be repeated over nine consecutive days or weeks, but your novena can be as long or short as you prefer, or as makes sense for your particular working.
     There is a saying in Witchcraft that 'three times is the charm' and in many traditional spells or magical workings you will find that it is recommended that the spell, or a phrase within the spell, is repeated three times. These repetitions are used to strengthen the spell, to add to its power and thus to ensure that you have a successful outcome.
    I was told that we use repetitions of three as the first time we are working with the conscious mind, the second repetition awakens the subconscious, and the third repetition sends the power through into the magical realms. So it is the third repetition which activates the spell and really gets it going. An alternative idea is that we use the number three as this is sacred to the Goddess.
     Novenas are particularly helpful for pursuing long-term goals, or for dealing with an on-going situation. For example, if trying to lose weight then a novena will help keep you focused on your long term goal of losing weight, you can use it to help you find a new home or job, or to get a business started and encourage growth.
     A novena does not have to be complicated. Light a candle and simply ask the gods for help with whatever you need, but remember to do this a certain number of times.
     As I said earlier, you can choose how many repetitions you do, you might choose a sacred number such as three, five, seven or nine. Or you might choose to do your novena every night while the Moon is waxing, to help something grow and flourish, or while the Moon is waning to get rid of something or diminish the influence of a person in your life, or even to diminish your own weight!
     Novenas are a very simple yet effective way of making magic.
     And they also encourage you to work magic regularly, which will increase your effectiveness, and thus the success of all your magical workings.
     I think it was Aleister Crowley who said: 'Conjure often!'

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