Saturday, 6 August 2016

Hymn to Tehuti

This is a translation from Papyrus Anastasi III :

Praise to you, Lord of the House,
Holy Baboon with shining mane and pleasing figure,
gentle, charming, loved by all.
To him belongs contentment, for he is Tehuti
Who overwhelms the Earth with beauty!

His headdress is red jasper
His phallus is carnelian
Love gushes out of his eyebrows
and he opens his mouth to give life.

My home is sweet, since the Holy One entered
It has flourished and grown since
My Lord set foot therein.

May all receive his blessings
Be happy for me, my friends,
Behold my Lord! He has made me what I am
and my heart belongs to him.

O Tehuti, with you as my champion,
I will fear nothing

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