Thursday, 24 September 2015

Not Another Equinox Post ...

I am sure I have mentioned, when talking about the Equinoxes how rather than being a time of balance and harmony, they can be a time when all sorts of stuff seems to rear up and bite you on the bum.
     I suspect this is a sort of cosmic clear out. It is probably no co-incidence that it is around the time of the Spring Equinox that we suddenly decide the house is looking dingy and shabby and could do with a right good clean - if not a total redecoration! And a similar kind of clearing of the decks often seems to go on through the magical and physical worlds.
    So it ought to be no surprise whatsoever that this morning - the day after the astrological equinox - we get up to find that rather than the freezer doing an impression of the arctic, we are now in possession of the lake district! Yep full melt down with accompanying floods.
    Not all things which happen around the Equinoxes is bad though. We have had a mixture of all sorts this year: gave in and bought wheels, yes new wheelchair arrived last week. So now we are set up for Great Adventures such as Going Round Sainsbury's, Visiting the Shopping Centre, and possibly subject to negotiations with man the mighty wheelchair pusher, A Walk in the Country - having tried the chair out I am surprised just how bumpy and wobbly even the most normal pavements are, the Walk in the Country might be a jolt too far.
    We have also had a lovely surprise of a new, second hand lap top and tablet from some generous Danish friends of ours.
    Incidentally, in the spirit of 'if you are given lemons, make lemonade', seeing as everything in the freezer was going to have to be thrown out or eaten immediately, we have made a VAST pan of meat stew. It has Lincolnshire sausages, chicken breasts and some very nice burgers from the local butcher in there and tastes amazing.
     Now all we need are eight to ten extra people to help us eat it.
     Anyone feeling peckish?

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