Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Folk Witchery Seasonal Rituals

You may have noticed that we produce a series of booklets entitled 'A Folk Witchery Book of ......' these are all based on folk lore and folk traditions of the British Isles.

Graham and I were chatting the other day about the fact that although we have published Wicca Courses and books to help people become a Witch, we have never published a book of basic rituals, Esbats, Sabbats and all the little basic consecration and circle casting rituals which we take for granted.

So we are thinking it is about time we compiled a Folk Witchery Book of Seasonal Rituals - obviously that is just a working title, but you get the general idea.

The way we have always taught Witchcraft is based on the premice that whoever is doing the Courses may well either be working with other Witches in a group, who have their own rituals, or may eventually join a particular group or tradition who do have their own seasonal and circle casting rituals. And that the person doing the course may well prefer to create their own rituals based on their own beliefs and needs.

We also are aware that all the Witch rituals currently in existence were originally devised/created by someone, and therefore the rituals you create for yourself have as much or perhaps more significance for yourself.

However there is also the flip side that it is nice to have a basic map or plan or recipe for a ritual which you can use as is or add to or even decide that it is not for you, and that you could do better.

So I now have another job to fit in amongst everything else, to create/compile a book of basic rituals for Folk Witches. I may well be trying out ideas on the blog - or works in progress. So if you have any ideas or requests for rituals you could really do with, please do get in touch.

This sounds like fun.

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