Thursday, 27 June 2013

Followers and Doggy Bathing

You Too Can be a Follower!

One or two people have tried to become followers of this blog but, so far with no success. So with Mike's help I have added a little place where you can just pop in your email address and (I think) you will be notified when I've put up something new here.
I am just not sure whether it will simply send you the text, or whether it gives you a link to the blog site - which is what I was actually aiming for

Doggy Bath Time
Yesterday as it was a pleasant day we decided it was time to bath China.
As both our dogs are long haired, rough collies this was not going to be an easy task.
The bathing went quite well, China sat quite quietly in the bath and was shampood and rinsed very quickly. Then came the next stage. Getting large hairy dog out of the bath, with the amount of fluff that soaks up water like a sponge meant it was going to be a wet affair for all involved. Outside a whole lot of shaking and towelling dry went on until we had a merely wet dog, at which point China decided she had had enough and went inside to finish drying out on our bed. Maeve meanwhile had hidden under the spare bed and was not coming out.
Graham moved China off our pillows and onto a bedcover instead and left her to sleep off the trauma, aided by a bickie or two.
This morning China is dried out, and looks even more beautiful than usual.

By the way both China and Maeve came to us from Angela at Wicani Collies - have a look at her website she has loads of piccies and videos to drool over if you are a dog lover

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  1. It does both! You get a link to the site and also gives you the text.