Monday, 19 September 2016

I've got that Equinox Feeling Again

Well it is coming up to the Autumn Equinox again,
     The magical time of balance poised between the Summer and Winter, when the darkness is advancing and soon the nights will be longer than the days. A time that many people think of as balance and harmony.
     And can also be one of the most disruptive times of the year, as if the Powers feel the need to get all the crap they can out of the way, by dumping it all at once on us.
     You may remember last year when I had three posts up in quick succession talking about the powers of the Equinoxes and how it isn't always a time of balance and harmony, but that things that have been jogging along nicely can suddenly jump up and bite you on the bum?
    Well we have been working on our latest Newsletter and Mail Shot - this one is a list of One Off second hand books, all of which have had to be individually looked at and contents described, together with number of pages, whether hard-back, paper-back or whatever and notes about their overall condition.
     We got that finished at the weekend, which meant that we were hoping for a bit of time to chill and maybe have a day off.
     However on Friday the internet started playing up. Weirdly I can get on Facebook, my blog and anything on You Tube with no problem, but anything else either loads e...x...t...r...e....m...e..l...y        s...l...o...w...l...y or not at all. So we asked our son Mike (the Blog of Thog) if he would have a look at the computers and talk to our internet people for us.
     He spoke to a very nice lady called Laura for two hours on Saturday. She came to the conclusion that she did not know what was happening, would have to refer the matter to a more experienced engineer, but that it was THEIR FAULT - well, sort of, yippee.
    So today we were ready to set off with bags full of envelopes (the mail shot) to send out to our customers, stuff to put in the bank, and shopping to do. Jumped in the car, turned the ignition key and ..... nothing. Not even the exhausted whine of an engine attempting to turn over.
    Back into the house we went, and I rang the AA (this was 9 am) they told us we could expect an engineer around 10.40 as their priority is people who are in tricky or dangerous situations and, being at home isn't either of those. So Graham got out his big rucksack, loaded the mail shot into it and set off to hike the two miles or more to Ferriby Post Office.
    So, at least it gave me a chance to get on with some printing and catalogue requests I hadn't managed at the weekend. Graham arrived back before the AA man arrived and helped me with folding catalogues and stuffing yet more envelopes.
     When the AA man turned up and fiddled about with the car, his conclusion was that the battery was dead, (which to be honest was what I'd thought) so I bought another one from him, and we finally set off for the bank and shops.
     While I was waiting outside Aldi for Graham, a man tapped on the side window and indicated that I had a flat tyre.
     Luckily we were near Sainsbury's which has a petrol station and air line, so we re-inflated the tyre, finished shopping and came home.
     I am hoping that this is my share of Equinox disruption dealt with - but I am asking you to read that bit very quietly.


  1. Mercury is standing still right now ... preparing to do a turn-about and begin going Direct ... after three weeks being Retrograde. Typical Retrograde Mercury snafus in travel/communications should vanish as if by magic after 21 September as Mercury begins racing "forward" again.

  2. Thanks Hernestus, I was expecting (hoping) that things would smooth out after the Equinox. Internet and car probs typical Mercury stuff, so I hope that his change of direction does help us. Being without the Internet proper is driving me maaaad!