Wednesday, 21 September 2016

An Autumn Equinox Ritual

Here is a little Folk Witchery ritual you can use for the Autumn Equinox. In addition to your altar candles you will need two more candles, preferably one black and one white, but they could be one dark coloured and one light coloured, and a night light. The black or dark coloured candle will represent the dark half of the year and the white or light coloured candle for the bright or light half of the year.

     First cast your circle, light your altar candles and get some incense going. A mixture of frankincense and myrrh would be nice for this ritual. Consecrate some salt and water and bless yourself and anyone else who is with you.
     Light the white candle first and say:
The bright days of Summer are fading,
The light retreats, the earth quietens.
     Now light the black candle and say:
Dark nights of magic now increase,
The nights lengthen, the spirits awaken.
     Now light the night light and put it between and in front of the other two candles and say:
I stand at the point of Power,
The crack between the seasons,
The balance of Light and Dark.
I face the darkness and step forth boldly
Knowing that I carry light with me always,
As I embrace the darkness and welcome its magic.

     Now is the time to do some divination or scrying. If you have a dark glass or an obsidian mirror, that would be very appropriate, alternately use black ink in water to create a scrying surface.
     When you have finished any spell work, bless some drink and food and have a little celebration within your circle while the energies calm down. Remember to save a little to take outside afterwards as an offering to the spirits.
     Then close down your circle.

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