Wednesday, 28 September 2016

A Crafty Love Spell

For those of you who miss out on the full magnificence that is the Raven Newsletter, which has just gone out with our latest Book Sale list, here is a spell which appears in the current issue.

     This spell is based on a medieval spell, but works equally well today.  And is particularly appropriate if you are a person who enjoys crafts such as hand sewing or embroidery.
     Cut out two heart shapes the same size, preferably in red velvet or felt. The hearts want to be around the same size as your hand. Sew them together but leave a small part unsewn, so you can turn the heart inside out and the seam will be on the inside. Now you will stuff the heart with any kind of filling, but if you can, incorporate something into the filling which comes from the person you desire. It could be hair, a note they have written, a piece of clothing cut up small, or if you have nothing else, write their name and date of birth on a piece of paper, roll it into a scroll and seal with red thread and red wax and pop that into the middle of the stuffing. Dried Twitch grass (couch grass or Witch grass) is traditionally used for this kind of spell as a stuffing.
     Now sew the heart closed. Then put it on your altar and work the rest of your spell naked by firelight or candle light.
     Sprinkle the heart with Consecrated Salt and Water and say:

The heart of my beloved is given unto me
His/Her name is [name] and this I know
When e'er I prick this blood red heart
Their love for me will grow.

     Now if you wear aftershave or perfume sprinkle a little of this on the heart, alternately use a Love oil or one dedicated to Aphrodite.
     Now take up some pins and stick them one by one into the heart and as you do so say:

[Name] your love and desire for me grows stronger

     When you have stuck all the pins in. Leave the heart on your altar over night. The next day take the heart and put it in your sewing kit. Use it as a pin cushion, but know that every time you stick a pin into it you are re-activating (and strengthening) the spell.

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