Friday, 3 June 2016


     In this post I want to look at how we can ask for magical help when we need it.

    We all need help from time to time, but who to ask and how to ask can leave you simply doing nothing but worrying or maybe panicking (depending on how urgent your need is).
     First things first, you need help and you need it urgently so what do you do? 
     Just ask.
     That is the very simple, and very direct way of contacting spirits or powers who can help you. Very often the spirits/gods/saints/angels are watching us and waiting for us to make the first move which is: to ask for help. Until we actually ask, very often the powers cannot intervene. They are constrained by cosmic laws which means that in general they cannot interfere in our lives unless they are invited to do so - incidentally this is why you have to be careful just which doors you open (ie be careful 'playing' with ouija boards and the like, saying 'Is anybody there?' means anybody can take that as an invitation) and also be careful just what you ask for.
      As a child, when anything went wrong the first people you would turn to would be your parents, your mum and dad, so spiritually the first and most easy spirits to contact are our spiritual Mother and Father. The Lords prayer starts: 'Our Father, who art in Heaven...', so take that as your starting point and simply say something like: 
     Mother Goddess, Father God, help me!

     You can then go into as much detail as you want or feel necessary. You can also say just what form you would like this help to take, e.g.:
     Help me to make some money quickly, 
     Help me to get out of this mess..

     If you are desperate, just repeat over and over:
     Mother Goddess, help me!
     Father God, help me!

    In magical terms, the best spells will be filled with our emotions and our need. So these spells very often can have dramatic results, even though they are extremely simple.
    You can, of course, embellish your magical working. Light a candle to your deity - inscribe your need on the candle, light it and let it burn down - be very careful that your candle is safe, you don't want to add having to call the fire brigade to your troubles.
    You can create a charm pouch to help you. Select three gemstones which have energies in tune with your needs and put them in a pouch, put the pouch near your candle - not touching it. Then carry the pouch with you and hold it tight when your need is greatest.

    There are, of course, saints, angels and deities who can help you with specific troubles, and so they can be invoked as part of your spell. But DO NOT put off doing a spell until you find the 'right' words or the 'right' saint or god to invoke. If your need is great and urgent ASK NOW.
    There is always someone who will answer you.

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