Tuesday, 7 June 2016

To Blog or Not to Blog

     I don't 'follow' blogs from other people (apart from my son's Blog of Thog - thoggy.blogspot.co.uk - and that is only so I have some idea what is going on in his life, or what currently interests him) So, anyway, as I don't follow other blogs I don't know what other people blog about and I sometimes wonder (well worry really) that I am not doing it 'right'
     I know when I first decided to have a go, Mike (my son) asked me what the blog was going to be about, and also warned me that I would have to update it regularly.
     Well that is me stuffed then on both accounts.
     My blog doesn't really have a theme except to be the Blog of a Working Witch ie me. The posts are about things that interest me, things that have happened to me or my family, or are responses to a magical enquiry I have recently had - my last post entitled 'Help' was one of those. And I can't guarantee that something interesting will happen or that inspiration will regularly strike me.
     Sometimes the blog entries come thick and fast, just because that is the way things happen in my life (and, I suspect everyone else's lives too) - three blog entries on last year's Autumn Equinox was just the way things happened around that festival.
     At other times life jogs along in a quite unremarkable way, which, to be honest, I am in general quite content with
    So here I am with a disorganised blog with magical, non-magical, real life and theoretical subjects - and apparently stalking my son.




  1. Your blog is an inspiration!

    1. Thank you Hernestus, I always like reading your comments :)