Saturday, 28 May 2016

Saturday Spell

     This spell is specifically for working on a Saturday with the Moon Waning:

Spell to Attract all Good Things to your Home, and Repel Evil

     You will need three small magnets or three pieces of magnetic haematite, a red candle and a red pouch.

     At the top of your red candle draw a small straight line, and at the bottom a cross. Take all the spell ingredients to the heart of your home and light the candle there.
     Position the three magnets around the candle to create a triangle, then say:

Saturn, Lord of Earth's domain
Attract to my home all Good Things:
Peace, Prosperity, Contentment and Joy.
Cerberus, Guardian of the Underworld,
Fear, Fright and Banish all Evil from my home.
Powers of Earth, absorb all Evil influences,
Return them to their origins.
Powers of Earth, bring forth the gifts of Ceres,
Pour out the Horn of Plenty
Here in my home.
So must it Be!

     Leave the candle to burn down completely - make sure this is safe to do. Then stick the magnets together and put them in the red pouch together with any wax left over from the candle.
     Hang the red pouch above your front door.
     If you have more than one entrance to your home you can make pouches for each of them.

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