Saturday, 30 April 2016

The Brewmaster

     Some of you may recall in the autumn a piece I wrote about our return to the art of wine making (Going to Rack) with Graham's latest creations awaiting maturity.

     Well the time has come for the wine to be carefully siphoned from its demi-johns and into bottles. But not for us the new bottles and colourful labels, oh no, we have always been into re-using rather than throwing stuff away (as anyone who has visited our home will be well aware), so Graham has been stockpiling a variety of bottles for the last few months, and now was the time to use them.

     This turned out to be a job for both of us, as once the wine is in flow from the demi-john, it is difficult to stop it, so you quickly whip the siphon out of one bottle and into the next, and that turned out to be my job, together with getting wine running up my arms and dripping on the carpet. Graham did manage to 'theme' the bottles, so empty whiskey bottles now contain Carrot Whiskey, one kind of red wine bottles has the Autumn wine, and another has the Bramble, with the cider bottles being allocated the Ginger wine.
     And of course when the bottles are full, there is always some over for tasting.

    Which sometimes goes better than others.

    I think we can count that as a success.

    And yes, Graham was drinking out of the ceremonial jam jar.

    (I think the Bramble has turned out the nicest - you can really taste the fruit.)

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