Thursday, 14 April 2016

Lurking in the Layby

     Every morning around seven a.m. Graham takes our two blue merle rough collies (China and Maeve) out for a walk. They usually follow roughly the same route, going down the lane towards where Graham used to work (the factory is gone and it is now a storage depot for static caravans), then turning off through a gap in the hedge and across the fields to the strip of woodland which runs from the river bank up to the main road.
     This morning it was a bright and sunny spring morning and Graham was following his usual route heading down Brickyard Lane before turning off into the fields, when a car passed him and pulled up in the layby just in front of him. Graham thought this was either someone stopping to use their phone, or possibly another dog walker, as this is a popular circuit for many of the locals.
     A man got out of the car carrying an expensive looking and serious camera. Again nothing unusual in that, there are good views over the rolling farmland down to the Humber and across to the far bank. But the man came towards Graham and said, 'Oh thank goodness, I've been after this shot for ages!'
     Graham looked at him, waiting for a bit more explanation, and thinking, did the man want Graham to wait out of the way while the man took some photo's of the view, but no. He wanted a shot of Graham and the dogs walking across the field - if Graham didn't mind. It turned out he had spotted Graham and the dogs some time ago, but wasn't quick enough to take a photo and had kept coming back to try and catch him. 'I'll let you have a copy, if it comes out ok.' he said.
     Fame at last?

I was just going to put one picture up, the top one with the two girls gazing adoringly up at their master. But the bottom picture with Maeve having behind her ears scratched and looking as if she has a huge grin on her face was just too good not to share.

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