Sunday, 26 January 2014

You've Been Cursed?

As I am a working Witch and people know where I am - they have to as we are a Mail Order company - we regularly get letters asking for help with various magical problems, and one which crops up regularly is:

I've been cursed!

Invariably also we are told that the curse has been in place for a number of years, and often that the person has tried all sorts and not got rid of it.

First thing: If the curse has been in place for several years and you are still suffering from it, it is a rubbish curse. Any decent curse would kill the sufferer within weeks or months.
And secondly: if you have been suffering from it for years then it is going to take time to get rid of it.

The trouble is that whether or not you have been cursed, once you believe that you have been, it is your own belief that keeps the curse grumbling along, in a way you are the one feeding the curse, and your belief makes the curse grow. So you are using your own psychic powers and powers of self-suggestion, and the better you are at it, the better your curse will work. In a way you ought to be proud of the strength of your own psychic powers, but isn't it about time you started using those powers to improve your life not grind it down?

There are three very easy steps to removing a curse, but they require that you follow the steps to the letter, with no excuses about why you can't do it. If you find excuses to avoid following these steps then you are going to keep the curse no matter what else is suggested to you:
Step 1: If you believe that the curse has been placed by a certain person then you must cut all contact with that person. If you can't do that, every time you have contact you will renew the curse, rather like re-infecting yourself with an illness.
Step 2: Each morning take a bath into which you have put a handful of sea salt - if you can consecrate the salt so much the better, but even if you can't the salt bath will work. Sit in your bath and drench yourself with the water and as you do so tell yourself that you are washing away all contact with the person who cursed you, and you are washing away the curse.
Step 3: Each night when you go to bed imagine yourself sleeping within a bubble of blue energy. Just imagine yourself laying within a blue bubble. This protective blue bubble will cut all contacts with any energies which might be trying to get at you while you sleep. So you will sleep better and diminish the curse while you sleep.

Keep those three steps up for a month and you will see a marked improvement in your situation.
Keep them up for three months and the curse will be gone.

Any time you feel unsure, frightened or worried about the curse, imagine yourself within the bubble of protective blue energy.

That is all there is to it.
So good luck if you are suffering with this problem, and give these three steps a go.

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  1. Are you celebrating the Chinese New Year mum?

    For the chinese new year I told fortunes (with the aid of fortune cookies) - and a drinking game to go with it!