Sunday, 5 January 2014

Twelfth Night Spell

Here is a spell to achieve your desires in the coming year. It is in two parts, the first part you should do tonight, the second part tomorrow morning:

Choose an item to represent what you are seeking: a coin or bank note for money, your CV for a job, a picture of a house for a new home, or a heart shaped object for a new love.
You will also need two candles, two ivy leaves and some red thread or wool.

Light one of the candles, then take the ivy leaves and put them at either side of your wish object, to make a sort of sandwich or parcel if the item is small enough. Then wrap red thread or wool around the bundle and tie a good knot.

Put the bundle near the candle and say:
King of Misrule make my year
Give me the wish, that I wish here
Now say out loud what you are hoping for three times.

Leave the candle to burn down, with the bundle near it.

Tomorrow morning light the second candle and take up the bundle. Cut the threads holding the bundle and hold all the objects in your strongest hand as you say:
I hold this gift, it comes to me
Lord of Misrule, my thanks to thee.

Put the items near the candle and again let the candle burn down. Put all the spell ingredients in a pouch and keep them safely somewhere appropriate.

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