Sunday, 2 February 2014

The Genealogy of Bride

The genealogy of the holy maiden Bride,
Radiant flame of gold, noble foster-mother of Christ
Bride the daughter of Dugal the brown
Son of Aodh, son of Art, Son of Conn,
Son of Crearar, son of Cis, son of Carina, son of Carruin

Every day and every night
That I say the genealogy of Bride,
I shall not be killed, I shall not be harried,
I shall not be put in a cell, I shall not be wounded,
Neither shall Christ leave me in forgetfulness.

No fire, no Sun, no Moon shall burn me,
No lake, no water, nor sea shall drown me,
No arrow or fairy, nor dart of fay shall wound me
And I under the protection of my Holy Mary
And my gentle foster-mother is my beloved Bride

Collected by Alexander Carmichael

I thought this was a lovely blessing to share for the feast of Bride.
Hope you enjoy it

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