Thursday, 11 July 2013

The Raven Swoops

The Next Flyer

I have just started work compiling our next Mail Shot, so it will probably take me 7-10 days to complete it in amongst doing other work.
Typically one of our Flyers consists of a mini catalogue either themed to the time of year, or to a particular type of goods. The one I am currently working on comprises a wide variety of gemstone pendants, pendulums and other assorted gem related stuff. It all depends how much stuff I can shoehorn into the available space in the booklet.
Of course this Flyer will be accompanied by the latest edition of our Newsletter, which this time will include the introduction of this Blog.
All of our flyers and catalogues include items which are new or and made or both so for this one I have been creating some special gemstone and crystal danglies to bring special Crystal vibrations into your home. These all have either an agate slice at the bottom or a very large chunk of natural crystal, and are suspended from a string of large gemstone and glass beads. All of the links are hand made by me, and so is the hook they hang from. I use silver plated copper wire to thread the beads and two pairs of pliers to create loops and spiral fastenings.
I like to choose gemstones which will harmonise with each other to create an atmosphere of peace, calm and protection. Some of the combinations are geared towards healing and harmony, others towards raising the spiritual and magical tone. I love making these, so even though it can take me up to an hour to make one of them, I always have a real sense of joy when I look at each of the finished danglies.

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