Wednesday, 3 July 2013

The Legendary Llangollen Faery Festival

Now here is an interesting event if you live anywhere within range of Llangollen in Wales.
We had a phone call from a friend of ours who we used to see regularly in the days when we travelled round the countryside in an ancient Landrover doing various Craft Fairs, Markets and Steam Engine Ralleys. It turns out that our friend Fiona Maher (author of The Last Changeling - available on ebook from Amazon), is organising a Faery Festival to be held at the Royal International Pavillion in Llangollen - where they also hold the Eisteddfod.
It sounds like it will be a really fab day out for all the family, especially if you are into magical and Fairy stuff.
Although it is still in the stages of being finalised, so far there will be a Faery market, with craft stalls from far and wide, lectures, storytelling, exhibitions and talks, a cafe serving vegetarian and vegan food and all sorts of fun events and entertainments.
It will be on the 10th and 11th of August, Saturday and Sunday from 10 am to 5pm, and a day pass will be only £5.00 with under 12's getting in FREE with an adult.
There will also be a Faery Ball with live music from at least three bands on the evening of the 10th from 7.30pm till Midnight, entrance for this a very reasonable £6.00

There will be a website up shortly with more details and a place to pre-book tickets

An Excellant Way to Get a Fairy

First get a broad square crystal in length and breadth three inches, and lay it in the blood of a white hen three Wednesdays or three Fridays. Then take it out and wash it with Holy Water and fumigate it. Then take three hazel rods of a year's growth, peel them fair and white, and write the fairy's name (which you call three times) on every stick being made flat one side: then bury them under some hill whereas you suppose fairies haunt, the Wednesday before you call her, and the Friday following call her three times at eight or three or ten of the clock. But when you call, be in Clean Life and turn thy face towards the East, and when you have her, bind her in that crystal

From the manuscripts of Elias Ashmole 17th century

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