Monday, 13 April 2020

How To Build a Temple

I decided to write an article on how to get creative, then (typically) I couldn't think of a single thing to write about!
     Creativity can be expressed in an infinite number of ways, you just have to think about how or what you would like to be creative with.
     If you have internet access, then you have an unending source of ideas, images, recipes etc.
     A pen and some paper is a very versatile start to creativity. You can keep a diary, write down your dreams, draw and paint on the paper, write stories, poems, prayers or rituals. You can download images and create a scrapbook of ideas which appeal to you.
    You could create a temple in a book, or on a piece of paper.
     The front page could be an image of the entrance to your temple. It could be an image of a classical Greek or Roman building, or the entrance to a castle or stately home, long barrow or even a door in a tree, or a gate through a hedge or into a garden.
     You could then imagine what it would be like to enter your temple.
     Would the entrance be dark and mysterious, would there be candles, wall lights or exotic lamps, or would it be bright and welcoming or even open to the sky? Would your pathway spiral down into the earth, are there steps leading upwards, or will you walk through trees or by beautiful flower beds?
     Are you alone or are there other creatures or beings there? Can you see them, or just hear them in the distance, is there the sound of bird song, voices chanting, music, the sound of trickling water, the chiming of bells? Is there a perfume of sweet flowers or of incense, or maybe the smell of cooking?
     You can create whichever kind of temple suits you. You can use images from books or magazines or from the internet to help you. Or you could build your temple in lego (other construction toys are also available) or bake it in gingerbread or shortbread or salt dough. You could make it a place in your garden, or create it in a box, a drawer, an old wardrobe, or just in your mind.
     You can adorn it in any way that pleases you: with gemstones and crystals, mirrors, seashells and sand, or leave it elegantly plain, or paint the walls like an Egyptian tomb or a Minoan palace, or with spirals, geometric shapes, flowers, birds or fantastical beasts.
     You might create a whole building or landscape, or just the entrance or the central place of worship.
     You might well find that your temple changes even as you create it, seeming to take on a life of its own.
     You could write a description of your temple and imagine yourself walking through it. You can sit in your sacred space and meditate, or you could lie down and sleep in your temple.
     You might wish to perform a special act of worship, or create a ritual or dance for the sheer joy of being, or for the pleasure of the spirits or gods.
     You might find this whole process ridiculous and have a darn good laugh about it.
     This is your temple, it doesn't have to be solemn and serious, it can be loving, funny, tasty even!
     It doesn't have to be perfect, or beautiful. It can be whatever it is and whatever you want or need it to be at this time.
     It may well be different the next time you visit.
     But whether you use it or not, it will always be waiting for you.
     Enter it or not, the choice is yours.

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