Thursday, 4 July 2019

Life Death and the Universe

I heard somebody on TV disparaging the 'Cosmic Ordering' system, because it made people think they were 'some kind of magical being'.
     Well, of course we are magical beings!
       For people who do not believe in magic I will just say three things:
1) Life
2) Death
3) The Big Bang

    Let me explain a little.
     When you hear scientists talking about the evolution of our planet, Earth, they will often say something like 'And around 3 billion years ago, life appeared.'
     Hang on a tick. Where from? What made inanimate minerals and chemicals suddenly decide to 'come alive'?
     One explanation I have heard bandied about is that the Earth was 'seeded' with life from outer space. Fair enough, but we return to my original question - where did that original 'life' come from? What is the difference between inanimate rocks and minerals and animate bacteria, algae and ultimately us?
    How can minerals be inert, dead, matter at one instance and 'alive' the next?
   The answer is easy - Magic!

     And if we are talking about the transition from inert matter to living organism, then there is its opposite occurrence:
     Death: there is no actual scientific explanation for what makes a body alive one second and dead the next. Neither is there even a consensus of opinion amongst doctors over when a body is actually dead or alive. There are clues about when a body is dead, eg. not breathing, no heartbeat, we can even check that there is no brain activity. But even with all these checks there are occasions when beyond all logic and expectation the body will decide to live again, even after it has been declared dead.
      But the most magical part of all is: what makes this packet of flesh and bones alive? What is the fundamental difference between a live body and a dead one? A body can appear to be fully functional, in the prime of its physical manifestation and yet there is no life in it.
      In religions and magical philosophies the answer is simple: The body is a material vehicle which is used by a non material entity in order to interact with the physical universe. Or in simpler terms our true nature is as non-physical beings, we are all spirits using bodies to live for a while in this physical universe. At death our true self, our spirit or personality, will leave the physical sheath it has been inhabiting and will return to its immortal life on the spirit planes. This is much the same as how we use a car to get from one place to the next, and then get out an leave it when we get to our destination.

      And thirdly: The Big Bang. Most scientists believe these days that our universe appeared spontaneously in an event known as The Big Bang. Now what this means is: once upon a time there was nothing. Then this 'nothing' exploded, and not only did it explode, but from nothing there was suddenly an almost infinite amount of Mass (a vast quantity of which (ie most of it), the scientists tell us, should be there but apparently is not!)
     Now what any physicist will tell you is that energy and matter cannot be created from nothing. This is why (in theory) infinity machines cannot work. An infinity machine is a machine which generates more energy than it consumes. According to the 'Law of Entropy' if you use energy, you will always end up getting less back than you put in. So according to this Law, eventually the Universe will end because it will run out of material to make new stars, all the stars will go out, and that will be the end.
     However, the other day on TV I heard a scientist say. 'Of course, we don't know what is outside the Universe, but we know there is something.'
     Hang on another cotton-picking moment! Where did that come from? Why is that never mentioned? It is like there are secrets within science that are known about and not mentioned to 'outsiders' possibly because our tiny brains would explode if we knew about these amazing possibilities.

      We always come back to Magic.
     There are certain questions to which the only possible answer is 'Magic'.
      And as Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (himself a believer in spirits, fairies and the supernatural) said through his detective Sherlock Holmes: if you have discounted all other possibilities, then what is left must be the true explanation.

Oh and as someone once said:
'You are a ghost, driving a meat coated skeleton, made from stardust,
what do you have to be scared of?'


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