Saturday, 21 June 2014

Midsummer Magic

The Summer Solstice is another special time for all sorts of magic and rituals.

This is the time of the cauldron of Ceridwen. The cauldron of the goddess can contain many things: death, birth, re-birth, wisdom, fear, but above all it is always the vessel of transformation.
Create your own cauldron of Ceridwen today:
      Into a clear glass bowl pour spring water and into the water drop some crystals - clear quarts, rose quarts and amethyst, plus a single green stone (green aventurine would be a good one).
     On the surface of the water float some flowers, daisies are especially appropriate as they are the Day's Eye, the flower of the sun.
     Do all these things outdoors, in the light of the sun if possible, then stir your cauldron three times deosil (sunwise or clockwise) with your magic wand and chant:
Ceridwen, Lady, Cauldron Queen,
Bless me, this magic hour,
Infuse these waters, give them life
And all Thy magic powers!

    Close your eyes and lift your face and left arm towards the sun, your right hand should point at the water - you can hold your wand in the water if you prefer. Now allow the power of the Solstice Sun to run through you and enliven the waters of your cauldron.
     When you are done the water should be saved and used to bless yourself and others, or sprinkled to give extra power to your spells. It can also be added to your watering can to give your garden a magical blessing too.

All sorts of energies and magic are more powerful if done today, or during this season.
For a start the fairies are more active around the solstice and up until the 29th of June, so a good time to work any kind of fairy magic.
     Plant some thyme or chamomile in a special place in your garden to attract fairies and put near it some little bells or a wind chime.
     Position a Fairy Door today, and remember to knock on it to activate its powers.
     Cut a magic wand or divining rod today and it will be especially powerful.
     Curses, hexes and ill-wishes are also more powerful today, so be careful about how you use your psychic energies today. Pick some nettles and sprinkle them on your windowsills, they are powerfully protective and will turn away every kind of negative vibes from stray jealousy and fleeting ill thoughts to full blown curses aimed at you.

Collect seven different flowers today and put them under your pillow tonight and you will have a special magical dream. You can also ask the fairies to visit you and show you the way to fairy land.
       Make a small garland or necklace from flowers and throw it into a stream as you make a wish. If the water carry the flowers away your wish will be granted, but if they meander about and return to the bank, you are unlucky this time.

Make yourself a Talisman of the Sun today for success, prosperity and good fortune:
     In the centre of a circle of paper draw a small image of the sun and around it draw thirteen small stars. Turn the paper over, and on the back of it write your name or initials and date of birth.
     Now put this paper somewhere where the light of the midday sun can bathe it. Leave it there until at least 12.30, then put it in your purse, money box, or in a small pouch which you can carry with you. Keep it safe and you will soon see an upturn in your fortunes.

Oh and this is also a wonderful time for all times of love magic. Pick a rose tonight after sunset and stand naked in your garden. Pluck the petals from the rose and as you do so whisper the name of the one you desire and your wishes will be carried on the night breeze.

If for any reason you can't do your magic or rituals today, remember that the 23rd of June is Midsummer's Eve, perhaps the most magical night for all Fairy Magic, and 24th is Midsummers day, so you can do your spells and rituals then instead.

Merry Solstice!

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