Sunday, 8 June 2014

A Witches Work is Never Done

It is a good thing that we enjoy what we do, because it is very rare for us to take time off.

There is always something which needs doing - for example today: I have researched some info for our daily Facebook post; taken some photos of plants, and had a quick little bake (photos of these are also up on Facebook), then I settled down to clearing a few more orders, yes even on a Sunday.

I like doing stuff at the weekend actually, I feel more able to do the orders that need a bit more attention. A lot of orders are straightforward despatches of items which we make as standard, or are simple picked from the boxes in the stock room. But quite a lot of orders need a personal touch, or sometimes a lot more than just a touch.

By the nature of our business, a lot of people make magical enquiries when they place an order, sometimes these can be answered simply, but these are often quite in depth and may need a spell or magical working researching or devising, just for that individual. So today I have been finishing off some orders which needed letters including with them. One needed a spell to help with business success, another enquired if we could create a special magical oil for them for a particular working they were doing, someone else wanted a working for healing.

And now here I am typing a piece for my blog!

To be honest, I don't think I'd know what to do with myself if I had nothing to do.

Oo just had an idea for another magical charm ! Sorry folks must dash off and make a quick note before I forget it.

Coming to a Mail Shot very shortly .....

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