Thursday, 5 December 2019

Doggy Sleepover 2

Last Saturday we had a phone call asking if we would like a doggy visit from Charlie (I nearly wrote that as a 'dodgy visit').
     In fact, would we be ok with a doggy visit that lasted overnight? (Definitely a dodgy visit then!)
     Our son had persuaded his missus to go out for the evening and didn't want to leave small pooch on its own for several hours.
     Of course we said we'd be happy to have Charlie. She is no trouble, as long as you make sure anything you would rather she didn't chew is out of reach.
     Mike said that as his car was approaching our house, Charlie got more and more excited as in 'Can I get out? I know where we are going! I want to go play!' So, rather than just bring Charlie in with him at the front door, Mike popped Charlie over the fence into the back garden, to see what would happen.
     The first we knew of their arrival, was the sound of an earthquake as a small black dog burst in through the dog flap and thundered through the house. She was in the living room before Mike and Eden got in the front door! Two seconds later she had said 'Hello!' to everyone and she and Tallulah were barrelling out again, into the back garden.
     There followed much galloping in and out of the house as the two youngest members of the family attempted to tire each other out.
     Graham said he had peeped out into the garden and saw them chasing round and round with Tallulah in the lead and Charlie hanging onto her tail.
     At bedtime, all dogs were given their supper bickies and we all went to bed.
     Mike hadn't brought Charlie's bed this time, but there are plenty of places around the house for doggies to sleep. Including the sofa, floor cushions, Tallulah's dog bed, under the spare bed (special doggy cave) etc.
     We think Charlie tried them all out. Including on our bed and under it.
     Oh, and there was also the 'incident' in the night.
     Graham got up to go to the loo and found that Charlie had crapped at the top of the stairs.
     Now, unlike most dogs, Charlie does not stand still and crap all in one heap, but instead wanders around a bit, dropping nuggets here and there across the landing and into the office. Graham cleared it up and went to dispose of it.
     Meanwhile I was also now wide awake and decided I would also go to the loo (which is downstairs in our house).
    As I left the bedroom, I found a 'present' which Graham had missed - by stepping in it, barefoot, of course.
     Sunday morning was the Humber Bridge Farmer's Market, which we love to visit.
     So we had arranged to meet Mike and Cherise there, so they could retrieve small pooch and we could all have a look around (and buy many good things!)
    Charlie behaved brilliantly in the car, in fact she curled up and went to sleep on the back seat, but Graham did say to Mike and Cherise when we met up, 'Give us a couple of days before you bring Charlie again.'
    That night as we sat relaxing in front of the fire, me untangling a ball of wool which Charlie had managed to find and give a darn good shaking to, while wearing my reading specs with the well chewed side arms (Charlie again, not me), I said to Graham, 'I think we will all get a good nights sleep tonight!'

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