Sunday, 22 April 2018

Earth Day

Earth Day is a day to celebrate our beautiful world.
     Some Witches have an invocation which begins all rituals which goes 'The Earth is my Mother, I know no other.' This is not dismissing our human mothers at all, it is acknowledging that all of our component elements come from the Earth, and to the Earth they return, only to be reborn as new creatures.
     Everything on this Earth owes its very existence and continuing life, to the wonderful bounteous and generous nature of Mother Earth.
     The weather this weekend has been glorious, and the Earth Goddess seems to have really decided to go for it in a big way. The orange pompom flowered plant by our front door seems to have more flowers this year than ever before*.

 Yesterday was large, stupid bumble bee day. Graham rescued four from various places around the house. One was trying to nest in the clean washing basket, two were in windows buzzing amongst the glass ornaments, and one was in the bathroom, apparently deciding that flying was too difficult and had settled for the bathmat instead.
     This morning he has rescued a blue tit from the kitchen - at least it wasn't another pigeon, although I have heard them cooing in the elder tree at the back of the garden, it is covered in ivy and is a favourite nesting place for them. I expect the toads will be next to appear.

*Just looked this up on the internet, it is apparently a Kerria Japonica or Japanese Rose. I never knew what it was, but my mum gave it to us when we moved in here, and it looks better than ever this year.

Oh and this is a picture of my new shoes which I got for my birthday in March, and have worn for the first time today!

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