Monday, 7 August 2017


You know how it is, you haven't blogged for a while because all has been quiet on the home front and then all of a sudden there are LOTS of things you need to put up all at the same time.
     I want to give you an extract from the last Newsletter, for folks who missed it.
     I want to tell you about my first (and possibly only, or maybe not, but I don't know yet) attempt to make my own Orgonite and incorporated magical correspondences into it.
     And then we got a pigeon in the kitchen again.

     There we were having a pre-shopping look at the computers - well a mini play of World of Warcraft if you want to get technical about it - when all of a sudden I heard the sound of flying glass objects and the crash of something hitting the floor.
     'There's something in the kitchen!' I said to Graham
     'Huh, what?' was his considered reply
     'There's something in the kitchen, go and look!'
     'I can't hear anything.'
     'Go and look!'

     So he went, he looked, he swore a bit, and then removed the pigeon from its favourite window above the sink, by throwing a t-shirt over it so it couldn't see him coming. Took the pigeon outside, put the t-shirt in the wash and replaced all the stuff it had swept out of the window.
     The bathroom is on the ground floor, right next to the little kitchen with the back door. And at this time of year, when I have a bath in the morning I like to have both the back door and bathroom door open, I love the fresh air - and I can kid myself that I am actually reclining in a hot tub.
     The other day as I luxuriated and read my book I glanced up to see a black and white cat passing the bathroom door. On its way out!
     So it had been visiting while Graham and the dogs were out of the way.
     So so far this year our visitors have included numerous bees of various sizes, two toads, slugs, butterflies,  a pigeon and a cat.
     I am hoping the rabbits, hedgehog and bats stay outside.

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