Saturday, 13 May 2017

A New Arrival !

Last night we were playing WoW (World of Warcraft), as we do, when we saw our son Mike (Thog) had come online. He doesn't normally play this game, but the app has an instant messaging service which is very handy.
        'Hiya,' he said 'Just had a message from Angela asking if you would be interested in taking on one of her dogs.'
       Angela is our friend from Wicani Collies, who has the most beautiful dogs, and who has been letting us home some of hers for quite a number of years now.
     So there we had the weekend planned: Saturday morning I would create and print the customer labels, then we could have a fold and stuffing weekend. I've been writing the Newsletter and printing all week ready for the next Mail Shot.
     Damn just noticed I started a paragraph with the dreaded 'so' - I hate being fashionable.
     So anyway, the instance response was 'Yes, of course, I have petrol in the car, when can we come?' while thinking the proverbial 'Does a bear sh*t in the woods?'

    Which was why this morning instead of folding and stuffing, we were on our way to Driffield and beyond to visit Angela and Keith and possibly (who am I kidding) bring home another beautiful girl to keep China company.
    It was lovely to see Angela and Keith again. It is a few years since we all met up. Mike and Graham had popped in last year on their way to their boys weekend in Robin Hood's Bay. So we had a good catch up, and talked mainly about dogs.
    And now are a two dog family again, with the addition of Wicani White Lace and Promises, or Bridie to her friends

     I am sure Bridie is saying in the bottom photo 'If you think one of those will make me pose for a photo, you have another think coming.'

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