Tuesday, 11 October 2016

The Pagan Year Poem

We are currently working on our next mailshot and Newsletter (due out end of Oct) and I am also finishing off the Raven Almanack of Moveable Feasts for 2017.
     One thing I like to do is put a little seasonal poem at the start of each month, but finding something new or different is getting difficult, since I have been doing this for maybe 20 years or so.
     So I thought to myself; 'I haven't seen a Pagan version of this type of poem.' So I decided to have a go and see if I could come up with one.
     And here it is:


In January, dark and drear,
Resolve to have a magic year.
February, time of frost and cold,
Brigit's fest of bright Imbolg.
March with storms and winds so strong,
When day and night are equally long.
When April comes with many showers,
The Goddess' dance brings out the flowers.
May starts with Beltane fires bright,
And lovers in the woods all night.
June's for love and marriage vows,
The Solstice Sun is highest now.
And August is the feast of Lugh,
With corn to cut and beer to brew.
September leaves and nuts turn brown,
When equal night and day are found.
October darkens, magic grows,
Samhain meets, and pumpkin glows.
November ghosts and spirits sees,
The trees are bare and puddles freeze.
December brings the longest night,
Gifts given by Yule candlelight.

C P Sempers October 2016

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