Saturday, 5 December 2015

How to Create a Magical Perfume

     In the corner of the living room stands a large oak office desk. This is my workbench where I make all sorts of goodies for Raven. From jewellery, rainbow generators (sun catcher danglies) and pendulums to incenses and magical oils.
     At one side of the desk are three thick folders, bulging with recipes for these magical perfumes. What most people do not realise is that the recipe is just the starting point. No two bottles of oil I make will ever be exactly the same.
     Even when I am following a tried and tested recipe, there will be differences. A bottle of essential oil may drip more quickly than expected, or my hand might shake and an extra drop or two of oil is added. As I use natural ingredients these can vary in strength and even be subtly different in flavour depending on the plants and even the weather conditions they were gathered in.
     So how do I go about making a magical oil?
    The starting point of every oil is to consider its purpose: what will this oil be used for? What is its essential nature? And then to think how that can be related to the astrological planets and the doctrine of signatures.
     I may also refer to my recipes for oils of a similar nature. So if I am looking at making an oil for gambling I would look at my recipes for Haitian Gambler, Lady Luck and Lucky Master (amongst others). That gives me ideas both of which oils might be found as a component in this type of blend and also the subtle differences between the blends.  I have been studying the magical uses of plants since I was a teenager, so a lot of the time I can just use my own knowledge to create an oil or incense. I prefer the finished blend to smell nice, but to be honest that usually takes care of itself - and, of course, something to conjure demons with is going to smell very different to one for a love spell.
     There are some plants which you will always (just about) find in certain types of blend, so for 'Love' an obvious ingredient is going to be rose. But there are different rose perfumes: tea rose smells different to damask rose, which also smells different to dog rose. And you could also use rosewood or rose geranium instead. All of these are members of the magical 'rose' family, but all have very different characters.
     In the same way a lemon fragrance could come from the lemon fruit, from lemongrass, bee balm, may chang or citronella.
     There are some perfumes which feature regularly in a variety of different types of blend, for example: rose, patchouli, cinnamon and frankincense. And others which are rarely used and only in a few recipes. where they are essential, such as: hyssop. oak moss or chamomile.
     The proportions of each essential oil used can change the nature (and useage) of a magical oil dramatically.
     Let us look at a simple recipe for an oil of magical seduction. We shall keep the ingredients simple: rose, pine and patchouli. and the simplest recipe would use equal parts of all three oils, so I would use 13 drops of each oil.
     However. with these three oils we can also change the blend proportions to create oils which emphasise either the female or male energies, and thus emphasise how active/passive the operator and their subject will be in a loving relationship. Or draw down more Goddess or God energies to infuse the operator.
     So for a strong Goddess emphasis I would change the proportions - and you can do this in a subtle or dramatic way. I always like a bit of drama, so let's go for: rose oil 30 drops, pine oil 6 and patchouli 3.
     For a strong God emphasis - and this one is a direct invitation to Old Hornie - we go for: patchouli 20 drops, pine 10 drops, rose 9 drops
    The same oils, but three very different recipes, with three very different emphasis in magic.
     You may have noticed that I am also making use of the powers of numbers here in the numbers of drops of oil used in each recipe:
3 is the number of the triple goddess
9 is also her number as it is 3 x 3
6 is the number of Venus (666 is the triple Venus number, female sexuality at its proud best.)
1 and 10 (1 + 0) are number of the Sun
13 is the special number of the Witches and represents the 13 Moons in a solar year.
30 = 6 x 5 the number of Venus multiplied by the power of the Pentacle.

     So when anyone orders an oil from Raven, what they are getting is an individual oil, hand made by me just for them, using my years of magical experience. Not something mass produced and plucked off the shelf.
     Now if I can just get folk to understand that this actually takes time to do, we might be getting somewhere.


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