Saturday, 27 June 2015

It's a WUFFF Life

At long last we have managed to shoe-horn a gap into our schedule so that we can concentrate on updating the Magical Curiosities section of the catalogue.

We have got lots of changes this year, stuff coming out and new stuff going in. We have a new supplier of hand made, dipped candles for example, including some gorgeous beeswax ones, but that is only one line.

Anyway Saturday is often a good day for starting this kind of project, as it is nice and quiet and we are not near the phone and rarely get interrupted. So I have been working on my pc in the office and Graham has been working on his in our bedroom. His desk is at the far side of the room and he sits with his back to the bed.

I am in the office with my radio on as loudly as possible, listening to the Graham Norton show, which again ensures that nothing distracts me (apart from Graham Norton and Maria of course, I love the 'Grill Graham' bit as the two of them are very down to earth expressing their views on problems sent in by listeners - which may not be as 'pc' as some - this morning one of the 'problems' was a lady who was convinced that the smell of her neighbours cigarettes was seeping through the walls, and the advice given was along the lines of 'get a life'). I have been concentrating so not really taking notice of anything around me, except when periodically Maeve comes into the office and nudges my elbow, to have a stroke and a bit of fuss.

What I didn't realise was that she has been relaxing on our bed, behind Graham and every so often, with no warning giving a loud WUFFF, making Graham jump, who then shouts at her.

So it seems that when I have been getting nudged for a fuss, it is straight after Maeve has been told off by Graham for making him jump. So then she goes back in the bedroom gets on the bed ....
and goes WUFFF loudly, making Graham jump .... rinse and repeat.

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