Thursday, 21 May 2015

Lilac Spell

This is a Lilac Spell for Wealth

On a Thursday with the moon waxing, go and pick three Lilac flower stems. As you do so say:
         'I pick this Lilac in Jupiter's name.'

Inside, put the three stems in water on your altar and position five coins around the vase.
Then say:
     'King of Wealth and Majesty, 
     I call thee now by name;
     Jupiter, Jovis, Saberzeus, 
     Come into my home
     Bring thy golden gift of wealth, 
     Bring money now to me
     The money come, the wealth shall stay
     As I wish so shall it be!'

Leave the vase and coins at least overnight.
The next day put one of the coins in your purse or wallet, or into the till or money box of your business.
Put three coins into a savings box.
The fifth coin must be used to buy an offering for Jupiter - a candle for example, but he also likes meat, beef in particular, so you could buy him a good beef burger

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