Sunday, 30 November 2014

It has been Ages .....

This post is really an apology for not putting a post up recently.

As you might imagine, working in a mail order company, we are into the run up to christmas and (thankfully) things are busy (although we are happy to be busier - with orders - at any time!). We are working most of the weekend to try and get orders processed as quickly as possible, so that our customers get their magical goodies in good time.

We also recently had a visit from our dear friend Paul Bradley who has just moved into a new home. He asked my if I could make him a Spirit Doll guardian for himself and his new house, which I was more than happy to agree to.

All Spirit Dolls are individual, and based on the skills and magic of the person who makes them, and tuned towards various purposes. As I am making this doll for a special person and a specific task, I am building the magic into the doll with every stitch. It will all be hand made and hand sewn, with spells and symbols built into it. The inside of the doll, the bit no one will ever see, unless they deliberately dismantle it, is as important, if not more so, than the outside.

The inside will include a spell giving the doll its character and purpose, and there will be gemstones and herbs inside as well as stuffing. The clothes of the doll will also incorporate magic and symbolism, as will its features.

Obviously this Spirit Doll will take time to make, as it involves both a lot of different processes plus my concentration and magic. But it is also an exciting and fun thing to do.

So please accept my apology for the lack of posts recently - as soon as I get some spare time, I will be back bothering you more regularly.

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