Saturday, 29 March 2014

Black and White - the Magic of Balance

I put a spell up on Facebook on the 29th March to get rid of bad luck. At the end of the spell is the instruction to take a bowl of water containing a coin outside and throw the water and coin away across a road. I also mentioned that anyone who found the coin would also pick up the bad luck you have got rid of.

I had a reaction from one reader who said 'Why would you want anyone to pick up the bad luck? This is a 'no' for me as it is against my principles.'

My answer was that you do not 'want' anyone to pick the coin up, but the spirit of bad luck has a right to exist and in order to leave you it has to have the opportunity to enter elsewhere. This is also something found in many old spells to rid you of warts or of illness.

For example: take a number of coins or small stones and touch each one to one of your warts, put all of these in a bag. On your way to church on Sunday morning throw the bag over your shoulder, whoever comes in contact with the bag will get your warts.

This is a demonstration of the magic of Balance and is something which acts in every area of life, not just in magic. Incidentally the word Karma simply means 'balance'.

For example if I am offered a job and take it on, I am by the very nature of the thing preventing everyone else in the world from having that job. Does that mean that I should refuse to take any job in case I am preventing someone with greater need from having it? Equally if I am the right person for the job, and I refuse to take it, my refusal could prevent the company that offered me the job from expanding or growing and thus ultimately put a lot of other people out of work.

We are only a small cog in the mechanism of the universe, we cannot know all the 'ins' and 'outs' of how our behaviour, actions, or lack of actions will effect every other being or part of the universe.

However whatever we do, or don't do, will effect something, even if it is only ourselves.

So by throwing the coin where there is the possibility of someone else picking it up, we are allowing the balance of 'good' and 'bad' within the universe to remain in equilibrium.

These energies work like the balances on a scale, or the ends of a seesaw: if you press down, somewhere in the universe there will be an equal rise. It is your choice what you do and don't do, but never believe that by doing nothing you are not effecting the universe.

Think of an unmoving rock in the middle of a pool, even though it may not be moving it changes the ripples of the water as they bounce off it, it provides shade for small creatures, or a place for them to sit and sun themselves.

When we work magic we are choosing to dynamically effect the universe. It is our own choice which magic we work, but there is no such thing as purely black or white magic, all magic is a shade of grey.

If we choose to expel energy or an entity from anywhere, we are effectively making it homeless. It will float around until it latches onto a new home somewhere - or even comes back to where it was originally. Which is why it is important to make sure that those energies have somewhere to go - even if you leave it to the gods of chance to decide.

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